Thomas W.

About me

My name is Thomas W. Kühler and as a coach and consultant I accompany teams and individuals in important change processes.

My expertise lies in making structures and systems transparent and thus 'tangible', in enabling a change of perspective.

I have been self-employed as an entrepreneur for 30 years, 15 of which as a companion and consultant for entrepreneurs, teams and leaders.

My technical and business background (Dipl.-Ing; Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing.) helps me to quickly find my way in corporate processes. As a systemic coach and initiated shaman, I combine the modern working world (innovation) with the ancient wisdom of various traditions (intuition).

My heart's desire is for the way in which staff and teams can mature and grow so that they can be more competent, confident and happy in their increasingly complex and agile external world.

What others say about me?

Working with Thomas W. Köhler has been helpful, interesting and humorous for many years. His attentive nature and his talent for pictorial expression enable a quick grasp of organisational as well as personal connections in systems. Thomas works on this common insight with a methodical breadth that is unparalleled. His sensitive empathy always touches the point of healing change, where improvement, liberation or even organisational change emerges. Thank you for this valuable support!
Dipl.-Biol. Daniela Reinisch
Head of Business Process Development (Pharma)


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