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Personalised and automated marketing communication with premium customers

Initial situation: After the spin-off of the company from an international group, customers from new business areas are to be acquired. The change project lays the legal, professional and technical foundations for a uniform and standardised infrastructure. The focus is on the introduction of a new data warehouse and a marketing automation platform.

Challenge: Complex and far-reaching structural changes and investments are necessary, among other things so that customer data can be used in a legally secure way across communication channels. Optimised processes between sales, marketing, IT and service providers are necessary, as well as the revision of the general terms and conditions with premium customers.

Special approaches in Change: Involvement of experts from all departments and hierarchy levels in a comprehensive change project together with other consultancies. elccon accompanied the internal communication of the project and the project manager in his dual role as head of department and overall project manager. Conception and moderation of large group events for both project members and the entire company, continuous implementation of roadshows and workshops with the areas affected by the change, stakeholder management internally and with the parent company.

Success: Successful introduction of a state-of-the-art technology for personalised customer targeting of premium customers, including the complex migration of data from previously four separate data warehouses to a central new data warehouse.




From system developer to system consultant!

Initial situation: At a system provider with around 250 employees of an international group, the system developers were to be developed into customer-oriented consultants in order to establish a new business model for international consulting

Challenge: The developers did not want to be consultants. The managers had the expectation that hiring an external consultant was sufficient for the change process.

Special approaches in Change: Within the framework of Open Spaces and World Cafes, the entire organisation was involved in the change process. Managers and employees took responsibility for the content. elccon moderated the change and provided methodological support in the background. Rituals established a new self-image. Systemic constellations were used to discover major obstacles. 

Success: Establishment of a successful new business model and an exclusive consulting unit within the system provider. The project was nominated as a Best in Class Change Project within the global group.

Initial situation: In the past, the German research and development department of an international group has developed important innovations for the entire group. To ensure that this continues, the department wants to overcome self-identified structural barriers to growth in the short term and obtain approval for the construction of a new building in the medium term.

Challenge: Externally, increase the attractiveness of the location for international and national talent, despite outdated facilities. Internally, make it clear to the 400 employees in all R&D areas that everyone benefits from open cooperation across departmental and national borders.

Special approaches in Change: Broad-based interdisciplinary programme with 50 change agents from all research fields.

Conscious selection of multipliers at all hierarchical levels. Ownership of the teams to define goals themselves and to develop them with support. Regular townhall meetings with all employees and smaller marketplace sessions for exchange and feedback on the status of the work results. elccon developed the change architecture and supported the organisation strategically, methodically and operationally for two years during the development and implementation of the measures.

Success: The team developed and implemented numerous tools and measures together with HR to attract new talent and customised a global onboarding process for the site. To raise awareness of the R&D team internally and externally, a brochure and numerous videos about the areas were produced, and own intranet portal from which all tools can be downloaded, including a desk booking system to try out working in other departments. The motivation and momentum created by the project was positively noticed by the global board and the site was given the go-ahead to build a new R&D building where all departments will work together under one roof in the future. 


Improved leadership culture for top performance

Initial situation: At the German location of an international production company, the management culture is to be changed in order to achieve more agility, also in competition with other locations worldwide, and to secure the location for further investments by the group. The traditional German company with 3,000 employees, including 2,400 employees in production, is to become more agile in order to be able to react more quickly to new requirements, while at the same time reducing the number of employees.

Challenge: High pressure from international management. Employees with a very long average length of service. Low affinity of production staff for digital or agile approaches.

Special approaches in Change: Agile change approach. Structure of the change project is aligned with products and developed in constant dialogue with focus groups (employees). Simplified feedback process in the responsibility of employees, cascaded training across all management levels, empowerment of team leaders as 'last line of defence' to qualify production employees, rituals on the shop floor, development of the leadership team at the site, shadow coaching. Ritual events in dialogue with managers

Successes: High motivation at the location, significant improvement in the results of the employee surveys, measurably faster reactions to new requirements, best location in a worldwide comparison with other locations of the group, development of the location with the best leadership quality, planning and production security, significant investments of the group at the German location.

From local lone warriors to a global team!

Initial situation: At a leading international biotechnology company, each of the 4 international production sites had its own regulatory affairs department (e.g. drug approval). The increasing international networking of markets and production sites (products from different sites were sold in the same markets; products from one manufacturing site found sales in different markets) necessitated a global reorganisation of the regulatory affairs departments.

Challenge: The major reorganisation into ONE global regulatory affairs department with over 200 employees on 4 continents was already ? ?during ongoing operations? ? had already taken place. However, when it came to the concrete cooperation of the employees and teams, some of whom were now working together for the first time, there were ?creaks? in various places. Again and again, there was a lack of clear processes accepted by all and a lack of a "we-feeling".

Special approaches in Change:  elccon accompanied the eight-member international management team intensively in several multi-day workshops over several years. Need for action was identified ? also with the help of on-site events ? and clear processes were developed and communicated. Within the framework of a worldwide departmental culture project, in which many employees from all locations were actively involved, essential cornerstones of the type of cooperation were developed. The international roll-out of this project included a one-day, diversified workshop in which all of the more than 200 employees of the department ? no matter where they were in the world ? participated personally. The special importance of the ?team player? characteristic for this department was emphasised at a personal meeting of the extended management circle (80 employees) with the help of a business theatre play and an interactive case study (both developed by elccon).

 Success: The more than 200 employees now work together with ONE culture and in clear processes. A new, strong "we-feeling" has emerged and frictional losses have been significantly reduced. The team spirit of applicants and existing employees, which is immensely important for the department, is viewed with a uniform understanding in new hires or promotions and enjoys a high priority in the decision-making process. 




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