About me

My name is Norbert Kern and I am a leadership development consultant, management trainer and executive coach. My focus is on leadership development, conflict management, intercultural communication and management diagnostics.

I have been working internationally in Eastern Europe and the Arab region for many years, very much appreciating the diversity of people and the cooperation across geographical and cultural borders.

After graduating in psychology, I first worked as a self-employed sales and communication trainer. With increasing leadership experience as a project manager of large personnel development projects, I discovered my interest in the topic of leadership and the development of leadership personality. As founder and director of the company Chapter 3, I have been supporting organisations, teams and individuals in discovering and realising their leadership potential since 2017.

In my work I focus on the maturation of the leadership personality and the connection of the deep dimension of being human with the economic and performance-oriented demands of our time. Working with leaders and inspiring them for the fullness of possibilities of their task gives me great joy.

What others say about me?

Norbert thank you for this excellent training, I happened to apply principles more than I thought. - Many thanks for this. Looking forward to converting the Learning into Practice - Highly inspirational 3 days!
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