About me

I empower managers as well as employees and accompany them on their way towards self-learning and self-organising companies. Especially in this phase of transition, I give people orientation and security as an 'expedition leader'. I provide orientation and security.

I have management experience in start-up companies and corporations and have been self-employed since 1998,

I am also a founding member of the university course "Modern Business Administration? at the FH-Salzburg

My qualifications: Business information scientist, business economist with focus on organisation and general management, project manager with systemic team coach training.

It is a matter close to my heart to recognise and shape the opportunities in corporate organisations so that employees and managers can develop their potential and expand the scope of action independently and continuously.

What others say about me?

Manfred Brandst├Ątter manages in an outstanding way to structure complex projects clearly and to bring the people involved along authentically, convincingly and charmingly - hats off!
Dr Knut Konzelmann
Senior Partner, Roland Berger


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