What we are about

Leadership through attraction instead of effort

Leadership Now: You've come to the right place if ...

... you are on fire for a cultural change and want to combine excellence with heart power

  • Experienced leaders who (co-)shape the culture
  • Employees joining the leadership on 1 May
  • New business founders / start-ups
  • Successors to medium-sized enterprises
Leadership NOW

We develop leaders into magnets

The Command & Control management concept has had its day

As a modern leader who leads from the inside out, 

  • you are aware of your strengths and weaknesses
  • expand your own force field
  • act with Authenticity 
  • establish a Corporate culture of togetherness

In this way, a manager creates a healthier working environment by establishing framework conditions for his or her employees that are personal and entrepreneurial development enable.

Leadership through attraction!

Core of the programme

Leadership NOW empowers leaders, new working paradigms to be exemplified in the company and sustainable in everyday working life anchor.

  • How can new Leadership structures be introduced or supported?
  • Which Roll Managers play a key role in the Culture change in the company?
  • How well succeeds Leadership without effort?
  • How does a fearless organization?
  • How can we interest and inspire the young generation for leadership?

Leadership NOW - We develop leaders into magnets

The own Intuition trust.

The Dynamics of teams and organisations, and for the Culture change can use.

Leadership as Serve understand. Be able to lead and be led. Be able to hold (and design) the space so that teams and staff can work in it. Potential can come.

own Strengths and Learning fields know. Healthy Exemplify and enable leadership. The Balance of thinking, feeling and physical well-being and ensure balance.

Appreciative communication on Eye level. Warm and constructive others mirror. Power Talk, i.e. positive and motivating language

Know your own values and use them as a source of strength.

Be able to connect with different people and systems. Be able to design interfaces smoothly

Accordion Content

Leadership Now - Our 8-month excellence programme

Each module includes

Between the modules

Framework conditions

  • Theory
  • Practical exercises
  • Sharing
  • Deep Dives (self-reflection)
  • Various methods, tools, techniques
  • up to 16 participants
  • Always carried out by two elccon trainers
  • 8.000 ? per participant

Module 1:

Self-Leadership (Myself)

Module 2:

Inspiring Leadership (The Others)

Module 3:

Systemic Leadership (The Shadow)

Module 4:

Embodied Leadership (I as a Magnet)

Module 1: Self-Leadership

Module 2: Inspiring Leadership

  • Understanding emotions and using them constructively (logic of emotions)
  • Knowing relationship dynamics and positively influencing them in a targeted way
  • Targeted control of one's own drivers
  • Values: Recognising what we ourselves burn for: Values and their players (Value squares)
  • Healthy leadership: No leadership without balance
  • Self-leadership within the organisation: opportunities and limits of the system
  • Power Talk: Appreciative communication at eye level
  • Mirroring / feedback: We only discover our potential in the mirror of others.
  • Leading through questions: How we open up new perspectives and where they lead to
  • Body Presence: Attitude Decides
  • Conducting dialogues: Making differences fruitful
  • Competence leads: Being able to lead

Module 3: Systemic Leadership

Module 4: Embodied Leadership

  • Vulnerability makes you strong - Humble Leadership
  • Shadow Work - From the Unconscious to the Conscious 
  • Mastering conflicts - transformation needs friction
  • Changing mindsets - understanding and transforming beliefs
  • System competence-Understand and use the possibilities and limits of an organisation
  • Swarm intelligence does good - how we become co-creative
  • Synchronising head, heart and body: balancing mental, emotional and practical intelligence with each other
  • Leading by Presence: Expressiveness, Mindfulness and Presence
  • Trust Your Magic: Trust Your Intuition
  • Building bridges: across all differences: interface, cultural and generational competence
  • Consciously shaping farewells (from employees, jobs, management styles): Experiencing rituals and shaping them yourself
  • Developing a personal leadership profile: own performance

Your added values

Attractive employer brand: Good employees rally around excellent leaders. As the company's reputation grows, recruiting becomes easier. 

Sustainable leadership culture: The programme participants learn to establish a sustainable cultural change as leaders and to exemplify modern leadership. In this way, the young generation is inspired for leadership and the next generation of leaders is secured. 

Employee health: In a fear-free organisation, employees are happier and healthier, so sick days are reduced.

Participation requirements

Leadership experience

Interest in relationship-oriented leadership

Readiness for inner work

Since the programme includes practical modules, it is a necessary prerequisite that participants already have leadership experience or acquire it in parallel.

Modern leadership paradigms follow people-centred approaches and focus on shaping interpersonal dynamics.

Willingness to use inner work and personal development as a starting point to achieve leadership without effort