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New Work needs Inner Work" is the title of a book by Joana Breidenbach and Bettina Rollow. And so it is! And this does not only apply to New Work. Every manager should regularly confront his or her own inner issues. The world of work will continue to develop in a highly dynamic way. Hierarchies will become flatter, teams will increasingly work independently. The desire for meaning and high quality in the work environment is growing.

This does not happen by itself. Everyone can contribute to this. The ability for personal reflection and the courage to address things that are not going well are central. The same goes for dealing with diversity and decision-making processes. Also, in order to deal with entrepreneurial imponderables ? especially in the process of change - personal inner strength, integrity, clarity and the ability to connect people are needed. In-house training can only do this to a limited extent. Everyone is responsible for their own personal development. This requires a space where men/women can develop freely; free from dependencies and personal or collegial connections.

Our cooperation partners:

are providers that offer in-depth development services. MUTATIO is also an association that provides financial support to people who cannot afford to participate on their own. These providers have been 'tested' by us. Many of our counsellors have attended these seminars or similar. Carina and Farid El-Nomany are involved in the various organisations. Therefore, we are very happy to cooperate with these providers and can heartily recommend their participation.

Cooperation partner: In 1967, Californian Bob Hoffman developed the basic concept for the successful and sustainable strategy for self-development: the Hoffman Seminar.

To date, around 100,000 people worldwide have already taken advantage of the opportunity to live a life of stability, success and contentment and have dealt with themselves intensively, emotionally and mentally during the one-week seminar. The focus of the approximately 100-hour programme is to say goodbye to the patterns of the past and move towards self-determination and, above all, self-love. For only those who are completely at peace with themselves can also accept and enjoy the perfection of life for themselves.

In this respect, the Hoffman Seminar combines the most diverse therapy approaches.

elccon has been cooperating for many years with the Hoffman Institute Germany and recently also with the Hoffman Institute Austria. We have already recommended many people there and many of our network partners have completed the Hoffman Seminar themselves!

In the MKP ? ManKindProject - men have come together as cooperation partners who want to open up for a positive change in their lives. They are ready to leave their comfort zone, to get to know their strengths and weaknesses and to live consciously and responsibly in integrity.

Since 2001, the association ?Kreis der Männer ? ManKindProject Germany e.V..? Men the opportunity to find their personal identity together and create their vision of a fulfilled life as a man.

The NWTA ? NewWarriorTraining- is a modern male initiation and self-awareness. Men are encouraged to experience their lives in real time and together with other men.

elccon has been cooperating with MKP for many years. We have already recommended many people there and many of our network partners are active with MKP!

Woman Within Germany e.V. is a non-profit association that organises seminars and workshops for women on the Personality development and development of their full potential. It is the counterpart for women to the MKP.

Woman Within Germany is part of a worldwide non-profit organisation of women who support and empower other women to know and embrace all parts of their personality. Woman Within® already offers trainings and workshops for women in many countries around the world (USA, England, France, South Africa, etc.) to bring women everywhere into their own power.

elccon cooperates with Women Within Germany e.V.. Some of our network partners are initiated there and we are very happy to recommend it!

The association MUTATIO e. V. enables people to participate in personal development seminars who cannot afford to do so on their own, e.g. for the Hoffman Seminar in Germany and Austria, MKP and Women Within.

MUTATIO e. V. assumes responsibility for the development of an appreciative, more peaceful and healthier society in which the development of potential is natural and possible for everyone.

Farid El-Nomany is the initiator of the association. Carina El-Nomany was a board member for 6 years, including 4 years as chairperson of the association.

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