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Hero essence | hero journey coaching | intensive transformation process | classical coaching and shamanic work

Carina El-Nomany - Change Manager, Shaman & Coach

Hero's Journey: I support teams and individuals as a coach. I accompany transformational team developments involving far-reaching changes in attitude, as well as challenging personal and professional change processes.

The view of life as a hero's journey 

can be very healing, as great thinkers such as Joseph Campbell, Carl Gustav Jung and later Stephen Gilligan and Robert Dilts as well as Paul Rebillot and others have noted. 

The author Carina El-Nomany has based on it, developed a very effective tool: the essence of the hero's journey of life. It is available in both individual coaching as well as Business training and leadership development applicable. In your book, you are the Instrument of the essence of the hero's journey of life in detail as a self-coaching tool, as well as in the application in the professional Coaching and seminars.

On the basis of her personal hero's journey as well as five other concrete examples, she shows very practically and easily comprehensible the concrete procedure up to the extraction of the respective essence as well as the relevance for the coachee and his further path. It is amazing how little time is needed to achieve an enormous healing effect!

Carina El-Nomany dedicates a separate chapter to the integration of the essence of the hero's journey life into the healing process as well as the combination with rituals.

Her work is aimed both at people who are personally in search of effective tools for development and healing, and at those who are professionally involved in personal development ? i.e. coaches, counsellors, therapists, shamans and healers.

Her conviction: 'Life is a hero's journey that needs to be mastered in order to learn and grow from the challenges! I stand between pen and flipchart in exactly the right place to support people and organisations in this. That is part of my hero's journey and my purpose.?

Here describes Carina El-Nomany, elccon-co-founder, shaman, coach and author, the method of heroic essence she developed and how she works with it in individual coaching. An enormous transformation process in only 24 hours - a combination of classical coaching and the sacred work of the shamans - exclusive and only for the brave!

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