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The manual for process management by Manfred Brandstätter

Manfred Brandstätter

Handbook for Process Management | Manfred Brandstätter | Project Manager, Systemic Team Coach & Author

Manfred Brandstätter is an organisation designer and business trainer as well as a founding member and lecturer of a business management university course. For more than twenty years he has worked as a person responsible for organisational projects in national and international companies. In addition, he was managing director of start-up companies in Germany and Austria. For many years he has also been passing on his experience in workshops and trainings. He lives in Bonn and is the author of various publications with a focus on ?self-efficacy in organisations? He is responsible for the development of the method collection Scribble and is the author of the books of the same name.

I empower managers as well as employees and accompany them on their way towards self-learning and self-organising companies. Especially in this phase of transition, I give people orientation and security as an 'expedition leader'. I provide orientation and security.

The Process Management Handbook by Manfred Brandstätter: Designing processes and organisations for the future with Scribble.

We will only succeed in making sustainable changes in organisations now and in the future if we keep the link to value creation in mind.

Manfred Brandstätter's work in his countless organisational changes in the past has shown: process management is the secret success factor in organisational change. There are two main reasons for this:

  • Process organisations are changing ? currently triggered by various digitalisation measures in companies - much more frequently and more profoundly in the present and future than they were just a few years ago. Digitisation has a significant influence on the design of processes: it challenged us to rethink and redesign processes, cooperation, leadership and communication in companies. Accordingly, it is not only our task to automate existing processes in order to make them more efficient. No! We are called upon to take a new look at our value creation and to make use of the possibilities of digitalisation ? in the form of new business models or products and services that involve customers and their needs even more intensively and thus inspire them. It is self-explanatory that this affects processes in particular.
  • However, process management and change are only sustainable if the self-efficacy of those affected is addressed. Self-determination, belonging and meaningfulness are three essential needs that drive people to be motivated and willing to perform ? or not. If they are not satisfied, what happens is what has been observed in countless change initiatives in the past: as soon as the project is completed and the consultant leaves, old patterns reassert themselves.

Basically: The aspect of changing processes must be simple, intuitive and possible without effort. Therefore: if companies work with agile models in processes ? such as Kanban ? or want to work with them, Scribble can serve very well as a support for the design and optimisation of such processes in the teams.

This new process management handbook is a must-read if you want to use Scribble with its complementary methods for agile and hybrid organisations. The book is also a useful reference if you are looking for many method descriptions, instructions, templates and graphically designed checklists.

The focus in the book is on:

  • agile and yet stable ? to make the processes in one's own organisation simpler and more flexible, yet still stable,
  • Consistent focus on delighting customers with a simultaneous hard-nosed employee orientation
  • and to support self-learning and further development in the organisation.

What the VUKA world demands from modern process management, Scribble can provide: agile process design, lean documentation and rapid adaptation. This approach provides the appropriate method for implementation for each step and not only supports a modern process organisation, but also provides valuable impulses for the development of an adaptive organisation. Checklists, working aids and practical tips support the practical transfer.

- Make processes more agile, increase customer satisfaction, improve company key figures
- Aligning process and organisational structures with the customer in mind
- Inspire employees and make optimal use of resources
- Support self-learning and further development in organisations

This book on process management is written for managers, organisational developers, process owners, those interested in agile topics and quality managers.

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