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Farid El-Nomany

Change Manager, Coach & founder of elccon

About Farid El-Nomany

Farid is for nearly 20 years, successfully self-employed entrepreneurs, and Change-Management consultant. By the One-man consulting firm, he has elccon an excellent Network with over 30 consultants, trainers and Coaches set up.

He controls international large change projects, staffed Teams, and is one of the most experienced Change consultant in Germany.

Born in Cologne, the son of an Egyptian father and a German mother, he combines kölsch Humor and lightness, with Prussian acumen and clarity.

With Farid a strong personality with inner freedom, integrity, and clarity in the exchange met you. His authenticity, his analytical sensitivity and its ease make him a valued Advisor to many of the Top executives and managers.

His cheerful nature is contagious, and he comes anywhere in the world. His great love is apart of his family to the 1.FC Köln!

To him, it is important to combine entrepreneurial needs, personal responsibility and social responsibility to each other. As a certified Corporate Social Responsibility expert, he advises a very successful social organizations.

Farid himself again and again, internal and external processes of Transformation, he is working in men's groups of the MKP ? Mankind project to his personal development. He is married since 2003 with Carina El-Nomany and the father of three sons.

  • Since 2002, an independent Change Management consultant
  • 2 years Consultant in international business consulting
  • 4 years of experience in Banking/investment consulting – international operations
  • 1 year international Consultant in the development aid
  • Master's degree in German studies and politics
  • NLP Master
  • Certification in the psychometric test procedure INSIGHTS, Scheelen 
  • Moderation and rhetoric training with Rolf Mohr
  • Training Social Corporate Responsibility
  • Change Management Heidger Consulting
  • Change Management and strategy consulting
  • Project management
  • A sparring partner for Top Management
  • SME consulting
  • International Moderation

Write to me...

I work together with my team-mates for a very individual Change solutions. If you want to learn more about the services of elccon or my personal Portfolio, then contact me please!


Tel: +49 (0) 163 295 30 40