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Our shamanic consultants and Coaches are highly sensitive, where, how, and to what extent this type of work can be used.

In our network, some of the consultants and Coaches to work, have completed the many years of shamanic training in all over the world with operational Knowledge and the classic Coaching-connect instruments and this enormous acceleration and depth in change processes, Team development and coaching can bring.

Just a few examples of the indigenous work in organizations

  • Farewell to old patterns of behavior and age stories by the fire for Teams
  • Affirmation of Commitments by the fire
  • Assessment of the history of the company and Transfer of the challenges and painful experiences as the heroes of history – what we have from the painful experiences learned and what to do with it?
  • Far-reaching change in perspective – for example, from the point of view of the previous generations and the future generations
  • Development of (modern) rituals, the fit you, people in new roles and positions to adopt appropriate worthy to "initiate" or by people to
  • To create a space in which Forgiveness is possible, where injuries have occurred or disappointments (farewells of illusions) "heal" can
  • Cleaning Your Business Premises
  • A Hero's essence travel with your Team, or for you personally
  • Personal Healing Rituals
  • and much more.

The experience shows that leaders in high positions of Responsibility, their limitations, and more and more are willing to go the unusual way in order to achieve Large. To do this, it needs courage to something completely Unknown.

Your Contact Person: Carina El-Nomany –

The view of life as a hero's journey can be very beneficial, this may have already noticed great thinkers such as Joseph Campbell, Carl Jung, and later Stephen Gilligan and Robert Dilts, and Paul Rebillot, and more.

The author Carina El-Nomany has based on it, developed a very effective tool: the essence of the hero's journey of life. It is available in both individual coaching as well as Business training and leadership development applicable. In your book, you are the Instrument of the essence of the hero's journey of life in detail as a self-coaching tool, as well as in the application in the professional Coaching and seminars.

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