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Training and professionalisation of members of a Ugandan NGO - GYCO

Initial situation: A non-profit organisation in the post-war area of Northern Uganda, which has set itself the goal of achieving a "mindshift" in the direction of self-confidence and independence among the youth there, wants to achieve a greater reach and, in return, complete a better and more professional training.  

Challenge: Northern Uganda was in a civil war for 20 years, child soldiers, brutal slaughter of entire villages, growing up in internment camps, loss of family and possessions were the environment in which today's 12 to 35 year olds grew up. This led to a traumatised ?no-future? generation. generation.

Procedure: With the help and support of a large international network, a curriculum for workshop leaders and coaches was organised and implemented. A total of 8 trainers from Germany, Austria, Russia, Lithuania, Bulgaria and France were on site in Gulu/Northern Uganda and carried out this great training pro bono in a total of 7 modules under the supervision of the initiator of the project.

Success: The intelligence, joy of learning and living as well as the full commitment of these 18 wonderful young people between 22 and 34 years of age resulted in a great training that had an unforgettable impact on both the participants and the trainers. The project got off to a great start, and now a new GYCO (Global Youth Conference) Academy is being built on a campus, for which the funds are still being raised. In addition to education and the associated personnel, numerous people from the fields of art, architecture and agriculture are involved.

Joining forces against violence!

Initial situation: An association that has been fighting forced prostitution, human trafficking and sexual exploitation at the German-Czech border since 1994. elccon has been supporting the association since 2004 through pro bono consulting, workshop facilitation and coaching.

For some time now, there has been an extremely high workload in the management. The management is very much involved in operational tasks and therefore has hardly any time for strategic and representative activities such as corporate development and fundraising, on which, however, the further financing and existence of the association depend. Furthermore, the quality of staff management suffers. The distribution of tasks between staff members as well as the office organisation of their respective areas of responsibility seems to be in need of improvement. Individual staff members also complain of being overworked, exacerbated by two recent resignations. Overall, there is a great need for structure and optimisation of the organisation.

Challenge: Due to the general overload of the management and the organisation, only selective interventions could be carried out. An improvement of the capacity situation was not in sight at first, especially since there were only very few applications for the two vacancies. The individual change measures had to be divided among several consultants and coaches within the elccon team, but a consistent coordination of all activities and the consulting 'from a single source' had to be ensured.

Special approaches to changeAll staff members were involved in the change process through a kick-off workshop. After the assessment of the current situation and the comprehensive evaluation of the Common Ground, further goal-oriented measures were planned, e.g. intensive personal coaching of the management to promote resilience and self-efficacy, workshops to review and model the organisational structure and further corporate development, team supervision to continuously improve cooperation in the team, support for the job advertisement process. Leadership training with horses and the use of INSIGHTs profiles in team coaching were also used.

SuccessImprovement of leadership skills. Clearer structuring of the organisational structure and allocation of individual tasks, increased effectiveness of the organisation through consistent controlling of agreed internal measures, increased awareness of the importance and value of supervision as well as of the investment in further training for all staff. Intensification of team communication through regular meetings and constructive, professional feedback. Promoting ownership within the team. Preparing the organisation for a longer absence of the management. All through elccon initiated change interventions were coordinated and agreed upon by a project management.

Professionalisation of the association structures

Initial situation: A non-profit association that "initiates" and accompanies young people into adulthood would like to achieve greater reach and professionalise its structures. 

Challenge: For years, investments have been made in the professionalisation of the offer and mentors. However, there has been a lack of capacity to create the structural framework. The tasks are therefore piling up at the board and are hardly manageable in quantity.

Special approaches in Change: Accompanying the board from the association's strategy, to the professionalisation of work processes, to individual systemic coaching. The introduction of fundraising structures laid the foundation for the financing of full-time positions. The individual, systemic coaching and the shift to more transparent, agile processes, prepare a suitable ground for the continuous development of the organisation from within itself.

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