About me

My name is Edith Beilner and I support managers in companies as a coach and trainer.

I accompany leaders in changing themselves powerfully and courageously in the epochal cultural change in order to lead their teams trustingly and successfully in a new working world.

Working with me means depth and introspection as well as looking at the big picture, so that a comprehensive change of attitude can then find space on the outside. One of my outstanding strengths is to make it possible to discuss issues that are really important.

After 20 years as a sales manager in the cosmetics industry, I have been working internationally as a trainer and coach for managers in the service industry for 11 years, 3 of which I successfully worked independently.

My heart's desire is to accompany women in leadership positions in particular to go their own way authentically and self-confidently. For me, part of the new world of work is to bring female qualities more strongly into the company, so that precisely these can be effectively combined with male competences at eye level.

Main areas of work

  • Personal development for women in leadership positions
  • Coaching of managers and top executives
  • The manager as coach

Work experience

  • Worldwide training experience in a corporate context (trade, service)
  • 9 years of management experience as head of retail training nationally and internationally
  • 20 years sales manager in the international cosmetics industry
  • Self-employed since 2017

What others say about me?

Edith is able to listen to people in such a way that they feel completely valued. She can bring intuitive truths to light and make people feel completely okay and safe. I am always impressed by her sensitivity and her willingness to fully engage in the process in order to then derive goal-oriented action for everyday life as a consequence.
Kai Woll
Graduate sociologist, network partner and long-time friend


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