The goal of coaching

Coaching serves the far-reaching personal development as well as to professional and personal issues in a new order, prepare decisions and Soft.Often it only takes a few hours...

Coaching does well, it helps, faster, aligns, focused, expanded and made more flexible, strengthens, changed....

Depending on the research question and the Wishes of the clients, we combine classical Coaching and training approaches from the field of neuro-linguistic programming, systemic consulting, INSIGHT, MDI, Wing, Wave, and set of beliefs to work with spiritual work as the methodology of the hero's journey according to Joseph Campbell, The essence of the hero's journey of life after Carina El-Nomany, hypnosis and shamanic elements and rituals, vision work ?Medicine Wheel? and much more.

We also work with a very classical analysis methods, such as assessment grids, environment-analyses, Stakeholder analyses, Portfolio analyses, power field-analysis, and action plans

We recognize restrictive action, Thought and communication patterns, and work with you to develop Alternatives that ensure your success.

In a Shadow Coaching our Coach at real-world Events, Workshops, team meetings or conversations. We stay discreetly in the Background and give you valuable Feedback to directly observed behavior.

Possible reasons for Coaching:

  • Coaching for the Management of a Change project
  • Vocational (Re -) Orientation
  • More Energy
  • Strengthening the presence and expression
  • Better balance between work and private life (Work-Life Balance)
  • Professionalization Your Leadership Skills
  • Difficulties in the Team, with colleagues and/or superiors
  • Behavior in professional situations of crisis
  • To behave in stressful situations
  • Preparation for job interviews and contract negotiations
  • Inner peace and Serenity found
  • Fulfillment in career and private life
  • To be successful in the company
  • More self-confidence and self-love
  • Conscious and successful leader
  • With conflict better deal
  • Objectives find and implement
  • Old worthy finish to a new powerful start
  • ?.

So how do we choose for you the right methods, we can help you to find the right Coach. We work with over 20 excellent women and men in our Network  with a variety of Coaching, training, qualifications and experience in all age groups between 30 and 75 years in Germany and Austria.

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