about us

About us
The elccon approach

We are a change management network of over 35 highly experienced change consultants and coaches.

We accompany internationally operating companies, medium-sized enterprises, social organisations and individuals in far-reaching change processes.

Change management: We live our values and this is perceptible to everyone in the way we work with our clients.

We are authentic. Because each of us has done our own inner work, we no longer need to pretend to be someone else.

We are strong of heart. That means we can empathise with individuals, teams and entire companies. We are empathetic and can touch and move deeply.

We are independent, courageous, truthful and have integrity. That means we say what needs to be said. Even if we don't like it.
We want to take you further and not opportunely tell you what you want to hear. We see this as one of our greatest strengths, to really put ourselves at your service.

We laugh a lot, live humour and lightness and have fun. Many clients enjoy working with us for that reason alone.

We have diverse personalities in our team and love to complement and support each other. We cooperate and live a friendly togetherness.

We are discreet. We call it 'Chinese Wall'. Even among ourselves we keep the confidentiality of our clients and can keep secrets.

At the same time, personal responsibility is very important to us. We also admit to mistakes and take responsibility for our commitments. At the same time, we support our clients in living up to their own responsibility. We can take a lot of the work off your hands and advise you. The responsibility remains yours!

Our great strength is to empower them during the change to manage the change themselves. We train, supervise and coach in change management and develop your individual change architecture together with you as a crucial basis for change management. We impart ?on the job? Change knowledge that remains in your company and prepares you for the next change. Together with you, we create the necessary acceptance for change as well as sustainable behavioural changes in the team.

Each of our more than 30 colleagues is an independent entrepreneur and at the same time we have come together in the elccon network because we are united by the desire to work on something bigger.

Each of us cares about continuous development, both professionally and personally. In regular network meetings we educate each other, give each other feedback, challenge and encourage each other and laugh a lot!

We are proud of this great mix of people and very happy about this spirit! It motivates and inspires us to work together in a diverse and professional way and thus to be able to provide maximum support in our client projects.

We work with proven methods as well as with innovative new and systemic approaches and unusual interventions. We are self-sufficient, speak plainly, are humorous and authentic. Each of our counsellors has himself mastered profoundly personal processes. With us you will encounter strong and warm personalities. 

Our clients are impressed by our excellence and at the same time have a lot of fun working with us. In this way, challenging things can also be done with ease. Talk to us!

Your contact person: Farid El-Nomany – f.el-nomany@elccon.com

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