What we are about

Shaping change proactively

Change Maker

You have come to the right place if

... you the Curiosity and the will to create of a Expedition leader have in their own company.

  • Leaders and change makerswho shape their professional environment as multipliers.
  • Managing directors, HR and OE managers in companies who want to train their employees in change competence

Our promise

With the completion of the programme, you can ...

  • organisational and cultural changes Proactively shaping the company from the inside out
  • Various successful methods from the personal Change Methods Suitcase insert
  • Your newly acquired knowledge and skills Immediately put into practice

They become the Change Maker in their own company and understand how interdisciplinary cooperation can be shaped.

We create a change spirit together

In the Change Maker programme we create and shape a special change spirit through the inner attitude. Transformations inside and outside ....

  • appreciative
  • truly
  • appreciative
  • connected
  • thankful
  • with joy and ease
  • at eye level

...to make it a tangible experience.

They are the origin of the Change Spirit

Questions that we will answer together on our journey.

  • Which Competences I have?
  • How is my inner attitude?
  • What needs to be learn? How can I grow?
  • How can I truly use myself and my competences in my everyday work?
  • How can I face the change and my colleagues serve?

Changes from the inside out

In the Change Maker programme we teach you 

  • Change through Demonstrate and try out
  • Change "live yourself"
  • Change through Learning

Our deep conviction is that change begins inside and penetrates outwards.

Our aim is to ensure that your Change interventions in your company so attractive are that a "pull effect" is created instead of a forced "push" of activities into the organisation.

What awaits you

The first module provides you, the expedition leader, with maps for orientation.

Module 1: The core

We pack your method rucksack

Module 2a - Classical approaches

Module 2b - Agile approaches

... to then achieve the goal of making your daily work routine

Module 3 - Transfer to everyday working life

The modules build on each other - you grow step by step during the 9 months.

Change Maker - Our 9-month excellence programme

Each module includes

  • Theory
  • Practical exercises
  • Joint exchange
  • Self-reflection
  • Various methods and techniques

Between the modules

  • virtual learning groups
  • Q&A Sessions
  • Exercises

Framework conditions

  • up to 16 participants
  • Always carried out by two elccon trainers
  • 6.000 ? per participant

Module 1: The Core

Module 2a: Classical Approach

Module 2b: Agile Approach

Module 3: Transfer into everyday work

Change Maker - Our 9-month excellence programme

Module 1: The Core

  • My Spirit as a Change Maker
  • Personal handling of change
  • Change readiness of an organisation
  • Emotions and resistance in change processes
  • Different schools and philosophies of change
  • Stages of development of an organisation
  • Role and mission clarification
  • Feedback and the learning organisation
  • Guest article and visit by development expert Christiane Windhausen

Module 2: Classical approaches

  • Classical change schools (Kotter, Peters, Waterman, Glasl)
  • Basics and tension of change processes
  • Role of communication and staging change
  • Procedure in large transformation processes (architecture, design, implementation, monitoring)
  • Roles and multipliers in change
  • Guest article and visit from change expert Farid El-Nomany

Module 3: Agile approaches

  • The right mindset: it's the attitude that counts
  • Values and principles of agile projects
  • Self-organisation
  • Kanban, Designthinking, Scrum
  • iterative organisational development
  • Guest article and visit from the expert on agility Manfred Brandst├Ątter

Module 4: Transfer into everyday work

  • Reflection on the learning circles and transfer to everyday business life
  • Guest article and visit to the Business Schaminin Carina El-Nomany
  • Create your own change case (agile or classic)

Your added values

  • Saving resources: Favourable cost-benefit ratio: In-house change makers can lead change projects themselves with little or no external support. Costs for external consultants are saved
  • Sustainability: External consultants leave the project at some point, internal staff are responsible, can take corrective action if necessary and ensure success in the long term.
  • Independence: Change projects can be led and initiated from within without external consultants
  • Growth and self-efficacy: The best possible qualification of employees is a guarantee for growth in the company in the long term. The training teaches that change happens from the inside out and that every employee can bring in and shape the change spirit themselves,
  • Continuous learning: The attitude of independent action, constant questioning and learning are established.
  • Early warning system: Problems in organisational and process structures are recognised internally at an early stage, therefore mistakes can be avoided.
Ihre Mehrwerte

Participation requirements

Decision-making power

Will to change

Creative will

The possibility of either making or decisively influencing necessary decisions to change the team or the organisation.

Openness to one's own inner development. The realisation that "change-readiness" does not only refer to the company, but also to one's own thinking and acting.

The willingness to actively initiate and implement change processes for teams or companies.