Every major change project is in need of a Change in architecture. That is, project plan, project organization.

The Change in architecture is the substantial basis on which to work, in which we, as experienced consultants, our method of process know-how for a successful modification.

We create with you, tailored to your Situation Project plan with the project for that organization. The Definition of decision-making bodies (Steering Board, Sounding boards, Change Agents, etc.), and the sub-projects, roles and responsibilities, and reporting lines and frequencies heard.

The dependencies of the various sectors, stakeholders, and measures are often so complex that it is important, in terms of the change goals to prioritize and meaningful connections.

The Change in architecture is, organizations are often able to be much alone, and with little external support to implement. We are here to support you to do this in their own responsibility and with internal resources. You can also see the possibilities of the Change Supervision.

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