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Boost Your Business | Our Interview in the new book for the Start of Your self-employment

Susanne Knossalla - Trainer & Organisational Consultant

As a trainer and organisational consultant, I accompany and support organisations and teams in small and large change management projects as well as in team development processes...

Matthias Knossalla - Keynote Speaker & Coach

As a speaker, I talk about the topics of goals, implementation & motivation. In a captivating keynote, I give inspiring food for thought and have surprising insights in store for every participant.

When I'm not giving keynote speeches on the stages of various companies, I can be found coaching on the sidelines of Ironman® races around the world. 

Our wonderful elccon network partners Susanne and Matthias Knossalla have published their first book: Boost Your Business. Already a BESTSELLER! In Boost Your Business, you interviewed top entrepreneurs from a wide range of industries on the questions of what people who want to become successfully self-employed should consider. Those interviewed include best-selling authors, actors, top athletes, speakers and consultants, board members, publishers, financial experts, investors and many more.

All of them have taken completely different paths, but have something in common: they have founded their own businesses and are now extremely successful in their respective businesses. We ? Carina and Farid El-Nomany - are pleased to be among the interviewees and to be able to contribute from our experience in the book how we, in particular, combined starting a family and building up our elccon consulting company around 17 years ago, also as a couple, and what our core values are for success. We can heartily recommend this book. It gives very valuable advice, especially on dealing with the failures, the inner attitude and helpful support.

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