About me

My name is Adrienne Schmid and as a business coach, analytical Gestalt therapist & trainer for personal development I like to work with individuals and teams, also in tandem.

For me, the focus is always on people.

I am committed to supporting my clients in finding good solutions that are in harmony with your values and your nature.

My topics include: Personal development, resilience, team development, successful communication in the team.
For twenty-two years, I travelled the world as a flight attendant and purserette. In addition to flying, I studied, continued my education and development, and prepared two grown-up children for life. Since 2012 I have been working independently in my own practice in the rare combination of therapist, coach and trainer.

My customers and clients describe me as a true philanthropist who tackles even difficult topics and hot issues with heart, expertise and humour. My goal is to bring people into their power to shape their work and life with more energy, authenticity and joie de vivre.

Working with me is a pleasure and is characterised by lightness, consistently practical and "out-of-the-box".


What others say about me?

I found the work with Adrienne very respectful from the beginning, which helped me a lot. In a loving way she accompanied me through my personal challenges of the seminar. She always encouraged me in what I was doing and thus gave me the unique chance to realise that I already have a lot in me and can make it visible. Thank you very much for this
Ute Beckers
Senior Consultant, apsolut GmbH


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